Baboquivari HS pics
Baboquivari HS pics
Baboquivari HS pics
Baboquivari HS pics
Baboquivari HS pics

Students of the Month

Here at Baboquivari High School and Middle School we are extremely proud of our students of the month. They have exemplified what it means to be a Warrior.

These students have shown what it takes to go above and beyond in school, and we want to recognize them for their efforts.

Congratulations to all students who have earned this award. We will post all students of the month award winners on this page.

Students of the Month 

July 2016

  • 7th Grade: Tristen Martinez
  • 8th Grade: Shaelyn Antone 
  • 9th Grade: Edward Pablo
  • 10th Grade: Michael Espuma
  • 11th Grade: Cyndi Lewis
  • 12th Grade: Warren Ramon

August 2016

  • 7th Grade: Daeron Widener
  • 8th Grade: Reyes Moristo-Cruz 
  • 9th Grade: Autumn Nelson 
  • 10th Grade: Evelyn Young
  • 11th Grade: Brianna Garcia
  • 12th Grade: John Encinas

September 2016

  • 7th Grade: Kota Benson
  • 8th Grade: Jasmine Stevens
  • 9th Grade: Marcus Lopez
  • 10th Grade: Nia Antonio 
  • 11th Grade: Eric Segundo-Antone
  • 12th Grade: Warren Lopez

October 2016

  • 7th Grade: Juana Jose
  • 8th Grade: Dezarae Ortega
  • 9th Grade: Aaron Bustamante
  • 10th Grade: Marissa Chavez
  • 11th Grade: Annesa Chico
  • 12th Grade: Samantha Johnson

November 2016

  • 7th Grade: Kaya Garcia
  • 8th Grade: Jerome Narcho
  • 9th Grade: Chasity Jose
  • 10th Grade: Miles Ignacio
  • 11th Grade: Olene Smith
  • 12th Grade: Warren Mattias

December 2016

  • 7th Grade: Leilani Jose
  • 8th Grade: Anica Jose
  • 9th Grade: Amanda Garcia
  • 10th Grade: Jasmine Lopez
  • 11th Grade: Maria Pablo
  • 12th Grade: Shaleena Lopez

January 2017

  • 7th Grade: Dreem Jose-Espuma
  • 8th Grade: Saybrua Castro
  • 9th Grade: Shancin Romero
  • 10th Grade: Daniel Marquez
  • 11th Grade: Deja Hendricks
  • 12th Grade: J'Shon Conde

February 2017

  • 7th Grade: Fredrico Segundo
  • 8th Grade: Anfirnee Ramon
  • 9th Grade: Sophia Stevens
  • 10th Grade: Ty Donahue
  • 11th Grade: Alissia Bautista
  • 12th Grade: Dallas Ramon

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