Baboquivari HS pics
Baboquivari HS pics
Baboquivari HS pics
Baboquivari HS pics
Baboquivari HS pics

Student Council

Student Council is a great place to learn leadership skills as you plan and promote activities and participate in service activities.

BMS Student Council

President: Jasmine Stevens
8th Grade Vice President: Lucas Jose
7th Grade Vice President: Juana Jose
Treasurer: Brightstar Benson
Secretaries: Shaelyn Antone and Tori Johnson
Advisor: Diana Rea

BHS Student Council Mission Statement

The purpose of the Baboquivari High School Student Council is:

  • To coordinate and encourage all student activities within the scope of Baboquivari High School Student Council
  • To work with the administration in all matters affecting the welfare of the student body
  • To establish reasonable standards for recognition of all organizations on campus
  • To stimulate and develop good citizenship and democracy among students
  • To encourage social development through participation in campus life
  • To encourage leadership through service

Student Council

Our student council officers for the 2016-2017 school year are thrilled to serve as representatives of our student body. Please join us in supporting our bright leaders of tomorrow.

Executive Council 
Executive President: Shaleena Lopez
Executive Secretary/Treasurer:  Marvin Carmen


Senior Class of 2017
President: J’Shon Conde
Vice President: Domonique Garcia


Junior Class of 2018
President: Ethan Antone
Vice President: Rulkel Reno
Secretary/Treasurer: Cyndi Lewis
Representatives: Jeremiah Ortiz, Monique Cazares, and Vic Paul Manuel

Sophomore Class of 2019
President: Dayna Wilson
Vice President: Shanicia Yazzie
Secretary/Treasurer: Evelyn Young
Representatives: Nico Blackowl


Freshman Class of 2020
President: Ballas Hendricks
Vice President: Elena Pancho
Secretary/Treasurer: Ethan Lopez"Representatives:  Chasity Jose, Anastasia Mata, and Aiyana Antone

Advisor: Elizabeth Monroy            

Student Council 2016




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