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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your attendance policy?

Attendance Goal: Commitment for students to attend school, which will improve the academic achievement and graduation rate.
Overall Goals:

  • To build better rapport and show students they have support
  • To improve student attendance, which will, in turn improve academic achievement
  • To develop/design effective intervention efforts for teachers to address student attendance and truancy
  • To decrease the attendance errors from school operation, programs, students, and teachers
  • To inform parents of students’ attendance on a daily basis and increase parent involvement and trust specifically in the area of truancy intervention


  • Attendance: The required presence of the individual student on scheduled instruction days that meet the expectation of 95% daily student body attendance.
  • Excessive Absence: Student is not present during the entire defined school day for 10% or more (approximately 15 days) of the academic calendar year.
  • Truancy: The unexcused absence of a child who is between six and sixteen years of age for at least one class period during the day from legally required school.
  • Truant Child: A child who is between six and sixteen years of age and who is not in attendance at a public or private school during the hours that school is in session, unless excused.
  • Habitually Truant: A child who is truant for at least five school days within a school year.
  • Excused Absence: Absences that the parent or legal guardian of the student have documented within two (2) days of the student absence(s) with appropriate documentation for illness, bereavement, or observances of major religious holidays of family's faith.
  • Unexcused Absence: Student is not present in his/her assigned class during each regular class period on a scheduled instructional day without appropriate documentation of an excused absence submitted. An unexcused absence is considered truancy.


Attendance is the most critical and important factor in quality, sustainable student learning. Baboquivari School District and Baboquivari High School and Middle School expect every student to attend each assigned class and period for all scheduled instructional days. The goal for student attendance for the Baboquivari School District and Baboquivari High School and Middle School is 95% or higher. This goal requires every student to attend each assigned class and period during scheduled instructional days throughout the academic year.

  • Excessive absences will result in one or a combination of the following:
  • Notification to the parent or legal guardian of the student
  • Loss of credit for the semester
  • Student being dropped from school

Parents: Please contact the student services office (719-1250) by 8:30 a.m. on the day of the absence to report that your student will be absent from school.

Unexcused Absences:

  1. The school administrators are authorized to excuse students from school for necessary and justifiable reasons. The principal or designee may consider cases in which circumstances caused the attendance to drop below 95%. If the principal or designee accepts the circumstances to justify absences, he or she may waive the requirement 95% student attendance on scheduled instructional days. Parents or legal guardians as well as students are responsible to keep track of their student's attendance.
  2. In the event students are dropped from BUSD, parents are responsible for keeping their child in a nearby school or seeking an alternative program. Baboquivari Unified School District will report all students, ages six to sixteen, with excessive absences to the local law enforcement and adjunct organizations, such as Child Protective Services. A student returning to school from an absence must bring a note or other form of documentation verifying his/her absence. If the documentation, such as a doctor’s note, is not presented, then the absence is considered unexcused. Students must give this note to the secretary in the main office within 48 hours of the student returning to school. The school will contact parents/guardians of students who are absent each day.
  3. The registrar’s office will drop students who have missed 10 undocumented consecutive days of school on the tenth day. Students returning to school after 10 days of consecutive absences must re-register at Student Services before attending any classes.

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What is your tardy policy?

Tardy Policy Expectations:

It is the expectation of Baboquivari School District and Baboquivari High School and Middle School that all students are in their assigned class during the designated period on scheduled instructional days. A tardy student is similar to an absent student in the sense that the educational process is hindered by being late. It is the goal of Baboquivari High School and Middle School to maximize student instructional time in an effort to maximize quality learning opportunities. Furthermore, a tardy student also disrupts and interferes with other students’ learning opportunities. A collaborative effort between the students, faculty, staff, administrators, and parents will result in creating a positive learning community.
Students who are tardy to class must have a pass to be admitted to class. If the student arrives late to first period, they must report to the receptionist in the front office. Without appropriate documentation, (written explanation by parent or legal guardian, doctor's note, etc.) a student will be marked tardy if arriving late to first period.
Teachers will track student tardiness through use of his/her grade book, tardy log, or utilizing another method establish by the staff with support of administration or their designee.

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What is the dress code?

We expect students to dress in the proper uniform. It is the parent's responsibility to ensure compliance with the dress code. Clothing must be worn in the regular way (not slung over the shoulders, tied around the shoulders/waist, or otherwise not on the body in the proper way). Students must wear uniforms at all times while they are on campus, this starts when students depart the bus on to school property. Students must remain in uniform throughout the day while on campus. This includes passing time, lunchtime, and all other times on campus. Slits, holes, shredded hems, extra-long belts and add-ons, or other non-uniform items may not alter the clothing. 

We allow the following clothing items:

  • School sponsored sports, activities, and club shirts
  • College shirts (Tuesdays are college awareness days, creating a college and career readiness culture on campus)
  • Solid t-shirts, collared shirts, and button up shirts in the following color options:  
    • White
    • Grey
    • Black
    • School colors (cobalt blue and yellow/gold)
  • Patterned striped collared shirts in the following color options:
    • Black and white
    • Grey and white
    • Black and grey
  • Sweatshirts in the following color options:  
    • Black
    • White
    • Navy
    • Pattern
    • Grey (may have athletic logos)
  • Blue Jeans (no holes, no baggy, and no saggy) in the following color options:
    • Navy blue
    • Tan
    • Khaki
    • Black pants
  • We do not accept baggy or over-sized uniforms, short shorts, or short skirts. Uniforms may not be more than one size larger than the student’s regular body size. If worn, shorts or skirts must be mid-thigh length or longer.
  • Belts must be a size comfortable for the students but not any larger or longer than needed. No long belt tails are allowed.
  • No undergarments may show. Girls may wear black shorts under their skirts provided they do not show in normal wear.
  • No hats, scarves, rags, or bandanas may be worn and/or displayed on campus.
  • For safety reasons, students are encouraged to wear shoes that cover the entire foot. No slippers or bare feet are acceptable. No gang colored shoes or laces or other gang related items will be allowed on campus.
  • Any buttons, jewelry, and other accessories which contain gang related messages, vulgar, lewd, obscene, or other offensive messages or which may lead to substantial interference with the school educational activities are not allowed. These include, but are not limited to accessories, which advocate the use of alcohol or drugs and accessories, which refer to or identify gangs.
  • On occasion, the principal may allow a “Special Attire Day.” Such days allow for culturally relevant attire, theme attire, or reward attire. The principal may also allow other special dress attire days as appropriate for the educational work of the students. Such dress attire decisions will be that of the school principal or designee. “Special Dress Attire” days will be adequately announced to all involved well in the advance.

Note: No student shall be subject to discipline for failure to wear a uniform if the reason is economic hardship. Under those circumstances, the school will work with the family to furnish the student with a uniform.

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Are cell phones and iPods allowed in school?

We do not allow cell phones, mp3 players, iPods, electronic games, or any other distracting devices during instructional hours, unless being used for instruction. We will confiscate these items, deliver to the principal’s office, and return to parents/guardians. It is best to leave these items at home or secured inside your book bag.
We allow personal portable music devices on the BHMS campus, but students may only play these devices before school, during lunch, and after school, unless being used for instruction by the teacher. Volume of these devices will not be at a level to disrupt or interfere with other activities or individuals.
Faculty/staff members can confiscate any of the above items at any time if they disrupt the educational process. Items will be returned to the students at the end of the class period. Additional violations will result in the student participating in Positive Behavior Intervention and the device returned to a parent/guardian.

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